Corporate College Services, Inc., is in the business of growing corporate intelligence.

Our company was founded in 1997, by Dr. Alice F. Dyer, for the express purpose of building a knowledgeable, flexible, competent workforce. Dr. Dyer has been interested all her life in how things work. As an educator, that naturally led to exploring how humans learn and, especially, how adults learn.

“I am absolutely fascinated with the adult mind and how it learns and changes behavior — what I call the ‘inside-out’ approach to learning,” states Dr. Dyer, explaining how she embarked on this particular educational path.

Combining this new approach to adult learning with research on the limitlessness of human learning potential, and with the growing need at corporations for talent development, became the focus for Corporate College Services, a customized corporate education and training program. What we have here is a brain-based learning system for adult learners.


Our programs – which enable your employees to earn their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) or the Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree – are built for you specifically, in two ways: they are customized to reflect the needs of your organization for a diverse, agile workforce; and they are personalized specifically for working adults. And because we place a priority on active research, your company can derive immediate and tangible results from your students’ research.

We know that in an effort to both provide a healthier work environment and enable productivity, many companies seek to reduce employee stress. Therefore, we have constructed our services so that all registration, advising and academic programs and instruction are delivered conveniently at your work location. This also adds value because it saves your employees commuting time to offsite locations; your own conference room or computer center can help provide references for learning.

Along with bringing a valuable education, culminating in a degree, to your employees, here are the side benefits of a corporate-sponsored program for both you and your employees.

  • Students, in both BS and MBA / MSM programs, build a career path. The knowledge that students acquire along the way means that they get to move up the ladder a little faster – and while you’re rewarding them with the promotions they’ve earned, you’re also reaping the rewards of a more knowledgeable and effective employee.
  • Students in the BS program graduate in half the time required of traditional colleges as a part-time student. Your employee remains a contributing member of the workforce, helping to build your bottom line, while participating in an accelerated and valuable program.
  • Our emphasis on leadership development and efficient, effective management with real world, problem-solving solutions means that your employees will be giving back to your company in a relevant and immediate manner.




When you help your employee further his or her education, you establish and retain a focused, trained, and loyal employee who will help build your business.


  • Understand the essence and economics of business.
  • Know how to recognize and solve problems.
  • Are confident and competent.
  • Can contribute and lead.


  • Believes in developing its employees.
  • Rewards creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Values lifelong learning.
  • Recognizes that human resources are the most valuable asset to an organization.



As a company whose goal is to accelerate human resources development through education and training, it is our mission to:

  • Help corporations build and retain an agile, competent, and loyal workforce.
  • Help workers recognize their inherent learning power and growth potential.

Your mission is to deliver your goods and services in the best manner possible. To this end, educated and productive employees can be your most valuable asset.

Specializing in adult training and education, CCS customizes learning programs to meet your organization’s needs by designing a plan that focuses on the competencies you expect from your staff. Programs are paid through either training or tuition budgets and no additional fees are incurred.

Contact us to discuss how our programs have been used as an effective tool for talent development and retention initiatives for human resources and learning opportunities for their employees.


“Just the idea that I finally reached my goal of getting a college degree has increased my thirst for further knowledge and has given me the tools and drive to see how far I can take my career.”

Amelia McGee
Investment Securities Associate


“Don’t go into this overwhelmed and thinking about how long it will take or that you don’t have time. Just take one class. You’ll be amazed at how soon you’ll be saying, ‘Wow—I’m almost there already!’”

Beth Sinclair
Dealer Web Marketing Specialist
Subaru of America


“Prudential, the company I have been lucky enough to have worked for my entire career—24 years come July, which in this day and age is remarkable, made it possible for me to pursue my MBA.”

David Dessel
Director, Finance


“It is possible to obtain an MBA degree and find balance in your personal life and enhance your professional work. Explore it…Talk to someone who has gone through the program… Make it happen. You will find a tremendous sense of accomplishment!”

Dawn Colby-Mess
Vice President, Total Retirement Solutions
Prudential Retirement, Iowa


“Don’t let anything stand in your way. The rewards will far outweigh the sacrifices.”

Diane Peterson
Director of Physician Services
The Memorial Hospital of Salem County


“Learning inspires me to continue. Learning makes me believe anything is possible. Learning cannot be more convenient than with Corporate College Services.”

Iris Chalerman-Woodberry
Expense Management Team Associate Manager


“It is never too late to pursue a degree if you are ready to take the time to make the commitment. Get started and do not stop until you are done.”

Karen Young
Financial Analyst


“Once you make that commitment to complete your education you give yourself the opportunity to realize your potential.”

Linda Strang
Administrative Associate
Salem Maintenance Planning Department
PSEG Salem


“Don’t think about getting your degree—just do it! Once you get going, it’s easy.”

Nancy Roman
Associate Manager of Compliance
Corporate Human Resources


“PSE&G is very supportive of its employees looking to further their education. It allows CCS to hold class onsite and provides tuition reimbursement as incentive to employees.”

Michael McFadden
Senior Regulatory Analyst


“Even though the program is challenging and takes a great deal of work and dedication, the time and effort you can spend will earn you something that will benefit you for the rest of your life.”

Ronald Shute
District Engineer (New Brunswick Gas)


“The tasks that appear to be most difficult (at times, even insurmountable) are usually the ones which have the greatest impact in the long run.”

Albert Grisolia
DSM Service Consultant,PSE&G


“One of the best pieces of advice I can provide to a new student is that it takes a lot of work maintaining a balance in school, work, and personal life. The payoff is the sense of accomplishment at the end of each CCS course.”

Patricia Huggler
Service Team Specialist


“You are not living if you are not learning or experiencing something new every day. Every class in CCS brings a new experience.”

Towanda Edwards
Senior Print Production Specialist (Associate Manager)


“What are you waiting for? What can you say you earned in two years if you don’t pursue a degree? Two years of watching TV? You can make this happen, class by class, and it will add up to an amazing achievement.”

Karen Witt
Manager, Corporate Banking