Geared towards adult learners, this non-traditional, accelerated undergraduate program brings the campus to the corporation. CCS prides itself in delivering a curriculum relevant to business. Seeking to promote a better understanding of how business “works,” productivity happens, and the world changes, CCS, with its team of experienced instructors, guides students through the “change” curriculum to facilitate learning and develop job skill competencies specifically in management of people, products, processes and projects.

Why a degree in business?

A Bachelor of Science is a popular degree because of its relevance to many industries. The content of our program allows for classroom to workplace application, and students will walk away with a solid foundation in:

  • Accounting
  • Management and Talent Development
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Strategy

How does acceleration work?

Learning is accelerated in several ways:

  • Six terms annually
  • Seven or eight week courses conducted one evening per week either onsite or online
  • Students have the opportunity to demonstrate acquired knowledge, and or, work and life experience and earn credits towards their degree through challenge exams or prior learning assessments
  • Certain industry licensures are worth transferrable college credit
  • Minimal residency requirements at partnering colleges