One of the most important things that Corporate College Services provides is a way forward for employees that accomplishes both furthering their educations and their careers at the same time in a convenient and structured way. Work and school are both time consuming, but going to school while going to work on a well-grounded, regulated program that builds your goals, step by step, allows you to turn small accomplishments into large gains. An employee who is dedicated to learning is an asset to any company.

Whether having an MBA / MSM will allow your long-valued department head to become a division leader — or having a BSBA will allow a line worker to become a unit manager — both your employee and your business will profit from the knowledge earned along the way.

Faculty Openings:

Do you have years of business experience and/or corporate training under your belt? Are you looking for an opportunity to “give back”? If you’re looking to make a difference in adult education and have excellent facilitation skills, then bring your management expertise, corporate training experience, and academic knowledge to Corporate College Services.

CCS is seeking part-time adjunct instructors to teach our customized accelerated corporate degree completion programs. Courses include Math, Creativity, Science & Society, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Finance, general business courses, liberal arts, and more.