If you’re interested in setting up a degree or certificate-granting program for your employees, contact us at:

If you’re a potential student interested in joining our program, contact us at:

or call us at 908.233.3399.

We’ll discuss the needs of your organization with you and design a program that works for both you and your employees.


I’m interested in the idea of providing an opportunity for our employees to further their education, but how much time are we going to have to put into it? And what about fees?

CCS does not charge annual fees to organizations in order to provide an onsite program. Nor is an extensive amount of time needed from your staff to launch any of our programs.

Is this going to disrupt our workday?

Not at all. All classes are held after hours, on days that you have indicated would be most convenient for your company.

In that case, what resources does my organization need to provide in order to offer these onsite programs and services to employees?

Your organization just needs to provide the following:

  • Tuition assistance benefit of at least $6,000 per year for undergraduate; $10,000 for graduate program(s).
  • Security clearance to gain access to your facility.
  • Conference room(s) to hold the onsite classes, advising sessions, and any meetings.
  • Marketing channels to promote the program to your employees.

CCS staff handles the responses to promotional materials regarding the information sessions. We do all the work so that you can focus on other priorities!

Will you accept my company’s tuition assistance benefit?

CCS works with your organization to follow the tuition reimbursement process already in place so that employees are able to utilize the benefit.

Why should my organization sponsor CCS onsite programs rather than encourage employees to go the traditional academic route?

Aside from the obvious benefit of convenience, CCS programs are customized to deliver real world learning and practical skills instruction in our classrooms. Our students tout CCS programs for the:

  • Convenience of not traveling to a college campus, which allows them to use the saved time to focus on work, family, studying or other priorities.
  • Ability to use the knowledge gained in class the very next day at work.
  • Extensive experience of instructors, which assists in delivering real world learning.
  • Timing of the classes, which are generally held at 5 pm, one night a week, so that it does not affect the workday.
  • The refinement of writing, critical thinking, and presentation skills.

How do I get started?

Call us at 908-233-3399 or email us at We’ll help you determine the kind of program that best suits your needs.