Investing in your employee’s education may seem to be an expensive proposition. Will the education really make your employee better at his or her job? Why not put that money toward a new hire who already has certain training? What benefit will you, the company, derive from it?

Tuition reimbursement is a tool that works for you in a number of ways. It can be an instrument for talent retention, it shows employees that you value learning and consider your employees a major asset. When supporting your current employees, you are supporting a known resource who already knows the company culture and you know their talents. Hiring a new employee can be expensive when adding the salary and benefits they receive and you don’t know their talents until they actually start working for you. When it is necessary to hire it is an advantage in recruitment, as it makes your company more attractive to prospective employees who want to further their education — and your company can always benefit from strivers. It results in your company having a better-educated workforce, which can directly affect your bottom line.

Using tuition reimbursement in combination with the ability, for your employees, to have classes held at the company — eliminating travel time, stress, and hassles for them, and eliminating, for you, the need for your employees to have to dash out of work to make a class — hones this strength even more. CCS customizes these learning opportunities to your organization, so that your employees can develop the skills you need them to have.