One of the primary challenges facing employers today is employee retention. Recruiting, hiring, training and developing a new employee is a costly investment for any organization. High employee turnover rates affect business, company morale, and organizational performance.

Retention strategies can strengthen the ability of your company to attract and retain your workforce. One proven, solid strategy in retaining talent is employee development through educational and training opportunities. So when you have an employee motivated to pursue further education, you’ve been handed a retention opportunity.

That employee is telling you something: I want to improve. I want to get ahead. I want to contribute more. And that’s good for you and your business, because this kind of motivated employee is the employee you want to keep. Employees who want to learn more are often the most ambitious and interested in acquiring new skills. You don’t want these assets disappearing.

Here’s where talent development steps in. Specifically, when you give employees the opportunity to fulfill their educational goals, you set up a win-win equation: a stable, well-trained work force that will reward your generosity with its loyalty. An organization that values employee development will have workers who are motivated to help the company succeed.


The more rapidly your organization is able to develop employees who can thrive in dynamic global environments, the more competitive your organization will be. By helping your employees achieve educational and career goals, your organization will have a workforce that is:

  • Efficient and effective.
  • Loyal contributors to the organization and community.
  • Better problem solvers and decision makers.
  • Progressive leaders.

Talent development in the form of continuing education, both degree- and certificate- granting, can also pay dividends in real numbers. Better educated and trained employees can learn the skills that result in driving more revenue, or spotting new ways to reduce expenses, or creating opportunities for on-the-job efficiencies.


Corporate College Services’ dedicated team works closely with students, monitoring their progress, building their confidence, and preparing them to become more effective managers and leaders within your organization. We believe that the more rapidly you can develop employees who can thrive in dynamic global environments, the more competitive your organization will be. This is achieved by:

  • Offering intense 7-8 week courses enabling employees to achieve their degrees faster while refining writing, presentation and critical thinking skills.
  • Providing a hands-on approach to learning that advances workplace skills, knowledge, and confidence.
  • Emphasizing real-world relevance and practical application, allowing transferable knowledge from the classroom to the workplace.
  • Allowing for classroom dialogue and active research into your organizational operations and cultures.

When you offer your employees the CCS on-site development advantage, you are also giving them a message: their new capabilities will be welcome. There is no reason for your newly educated employees to look elsewhere for a job where their advanced learning can be applied, because you have signaled to them that you are interested in their enhanced qualifications — and in them. And allowing them the space to acquire this knowledge on site means that they can easily relate their new skills to your business.


Finding the right partnership to help your company or organization achieve talent retention through education is key. Corporate College Services, Inc., provides customized on-site degree completion programs to employees of industry giants such as:

  • Prudential
  • PSE&G
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Subaru

What does that mean for you?

Real results—employees who feel invested in, are committed to their job and organization and who are better equipped to take your organization where it wants to go!