CCS, in partnership with regionally accredited Excelsior College, located in Albany, NY, delivers a 45 credit hybrid MBA program and a 30 credit MSM program specifically designed for corporate employees.

Our goal is to offer a program relevant to business with easily transferrable material from the classroom to the workplace. With a combination of onsite and online courses offered in eight week terms, the blended program allows working adults the flexibility to meet challenging work schedules and options to accelerate their degree completion.

Since the program is specifically designed for working adults with solid work experience, GMATs are not required. Excelsior College academic policies also offer students opportunities to waive and transfer courses.

For the dedicated learner, the program can be completed in approximately two and one half years. With the completion of each course, our students gain enhanced knowledge, understanding, and application of business disciplines to their work environments.

Graduates of our MBA / MSM program credit the program with helping them to:

  • Develop and implement business strategies that address changing social, legal, ethical, political, and global market needs.
  • Strengthen leadership qualities through effective communication, decisiveness, and supporting and motivating employees in working environments.
  • Apply business tools learned in accounting, finance, human resources, project management, marketing, and organizational management.
  • Enhance problem solving techniques and apply them to work and personal business.