Providing an onsite program to your employees is a quick and easy process which does not require extensive time or resources on your part.  Here are the steps to kick off a program:

  1. An initial meeting is held between those responsible for employee development, tuition reimbursement and CCS Staff to review policies, talent development needs, and the process of establishing a program.
  2. The next step is to determine dates, times, and locations to hold one hour information sessions for employees to learn the facets of the accelerated, onsite degree completion programs.
  3. Via your internal marketing channels, promotional announcements are circulated within your organization promoting these sessions to the entire company population. CCS staff are equipped to handle the response to the promotion including answering questions, maintaining a RSVP list, etc. leaving you to focus on other duties.
  4. After attending the information session, interested employees are then offered individual appointments to review any questions and previous academic work.
  5. With a minimum of 12 applicants, an onsite program is launched.  Active recruitment and enrollment continues throughout the year.